Volunteer Opportunities


Make a difference 

At Total Health Physician Group our ministry extends beyond our offices and into people's lives. It's something we believe in and want to give you the opportunity to participate in also. Our volunteer program let's you give as much or as little of your time as you want while serving people here in the Palouse. 

What Can You Do?

Our volunteer opportunities include:

Exercise partner - a strong support group is key when it comes to weight loss. Volunteers can help patients stay motivated and on track with their exercise program

Visitation - taking time to visit people who are home-bound or lonely

Grocery excursions - introducing patients to grocery shopping with a health objective

Yard work - helping patients who need assistance cleaning or maintaining their yard



Why Volunteer?

People volunteer for many different reasons, but most often they simply want to help, to do something important, and/or to assist others in need. Many who are aware of the terrible suffering going on in the world feel that they simply must do something to help.


Others give of their time because they find that their work has lost some of its appeal or has become routine. They find that even a short break revitalizes them.

Religious conviction gives many the strength and dedication to lend a helping hand.  


Other reasons people volunteer include:


Exposure to challenging new problems

A chance to demonstrate commitment to and interest in the under served

A chance to put philosophical convictions into action

A chance to overcome new kinds of obstacles

A chance to learn new skills

A chance to teach

Belief that such work is inherently worthwhile