Our Values

Five Core Values

   Everything we do is guided by these five core values

The best medicine focuses on prevention of disease, not just treatment of it.

That’s why we offer our patients proven methods of reducing their risk of chronic health problems like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer—methods that have been life-changing for many of our patients.


Cooperating with the body’s own healing abilities leads to better health.

Lifestyle choices can improve the body’s immune system, creating a powerful ally in the journey towards health. Our physicians’ extensive bank of knowledge about the role of lifestyle in improving health, combined with their  understanding of the best of what medical science can offer, provides our patients with the care and information needed to experience the best health possible.

Good health is made possible by good physical, spiritual, social and mental health.

The joy of good health comes from balance in all of these areas. So naturally, we attend to each of these important aspects if our patients desire this. Our approach to whole person care is a defining feature of our clinic.

We’re partners in helping patients make long-term changes that benefit their health.

We address not only our patients’ immediate health concerns, but work with them to achieve their long-term health goals. We do this by assessing their health, listening to their concerns, and then working together to outline how they can reach their long-term health goals. Over the years, we’ve found that many patients wish to improve their lifestyle—which is a major factor in disease prevention—and are seeking increased knowledge and support for making lifestyle changes.
We offer a setting that gives up-to-date, credible medical advice and a supportive environment that helps patients achieve a lifetime of good health. In some cases, we sponsor group meetings for patients with similar health concerns or conditions, so they can share information and provide support for each other.

We show our respect for patients by treating each one as we would wish to be treated.
We’re privileged to be trusted with the care of our patients, and provide each with the same quality care—regardless of their beliefs, background, culture, age or gender.

Our Story

A Dream Come True
Total Health Physician Group started as a dream in the mind of Dr. Robert Spady, a Loma Linda University medical school graduate. Spady had become frustrated with the limitations of his practice in a fast-paced, high-volume clinic. He felt medicine should be a ministry, and he longed to take more time to help his patients as whole people—physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially.
Early in his life, as an aspiring teenage athlete, Dr. Spady discovered the critical role lifestyle,
disease prevention and spirituality play in overall wellness, and it soon became a personal passion.
He ran across a book in his home library, White’s "Counsels on Diets and Foods", and it changed his perspective. “I discovered that if I put those health principles into practice I could jump higher and play basketball better,” he recalls. “That realization was such a gift to me that I’ve always wanted to share it.”

From there, Spady learned that if he wanted good physical health, he needed good spiritual health. 

In the process of pursuing this goal, he fell in love with God.  This experience became so life-changing,

he found that he wanted to pass it on to others.

He took to heart the words of Ellen White, who wrote of a physician’s unique opportunity for outreach,
“… you are qualified to do tenfold more good as a missionary for God than if you were to go forth merely as a preacher of the word.”

Through college and medical school, the dream lingered in the back of his mind, but Dr. Spady was unsure how to fulfill it.  It took a conversation with his local pastor and prayerful guidance from the Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists for the dream to finally take tangible form.

“I’m looking for something more than what I have in my practice,” he told them. “I want to combine physical and spiritual healing in a new way, and I need help from the church.” Conference leaders quickly expressed their support and in 2000 an experiment called "Community Health Care of the Palouse" began.


A few years later, Community Health Care adopted a new name of "Total Health Physician Group". This name would better reflect the strong desire to provide support and tools for healing the physical, mental, and social person. 

 Total Health Physician Group Today

Since we opened, this “experiment” has grown to include two clinics in Moscow, ID, and Pullman, WA.

As Dr. Spady ministers to his patients each day, he keeps an eye to the future and the next phase of his dream: a refined clinic model so easy to set up that every Seventh-day Adventist church could have one.

“For too long we’ve separated physical health from spiritual health,” he says.

“When we combine them, we believe it will change the lives of our patients and revitalize our churches with a new kind of ministry and service.  And while it’s a journey we’re only beginning, it’s one we believe is worth taking. ”